Solar Responders 1st Installation in Rincon, Puerto Rico


Solar Responders, a non-profit organization, completed our first installation of solar + battery storage on the fire station in Rincon, Puerto Rico only 3 weeks after our December kick-off.  Thanks to writer Colin Jost, actress Scarlett Johansson and all of our supporters for your generous donations. During the first 5 months after Hurricane Maria, firefighters in Rincon relied on a dirty diesel generator and bi-weekly oil deliveries to power their station. Now, when the power-grid fails, reliable and renewable solar power will ensure firefighters can serve the 15,000+ residents, hundreds of businesses and thousands of tourists that support the local economy.

As the 2019 hurricane season quickly approaches, Solar Responders, in partnership with the fire department, identified the next priority stations of the 86 that need to be equipped with solar + battery storage. Your ongoing support will continue to drive our mission in Puerto Rico. Please consider donating and sharing our story with your networks. For more information, please visit

Sincerely Grateful,
Hunter Johansson
CEO & Co-Founder

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